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If you are looking for an affordable website design company to design a website for your business you are probably being charged well over your budget. Since there is no standard rate for website design service one can charge you from few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollar. If you choose a professional company rather than choose a company just for their brand name, you can save a good sum of money.

To really understand the difference between choosing simple and advance features and what factors can affect your quote you have to go in details.

Brand Name Vs Service Oriented Companies

In order to get most out of your business you need to put your business on web, because it gives you greater access to resources and reach to global users. There are several web design houses and companies which work with top corporate companies. But if you are looking for low cost web design, you should find a company that is run by code geeks and design professionals like Super Website Designs. Because they love what they do and you will get better quality websites at a much lower quote.

Dissecting Your Quote
Most companies will never dissect a quote for a website of your business. Companies like Super Website Designs will be happy to tell you exactly what you are being charged for. Putting a website online will require, being least, a domain name and hosting space costing around $5 per month, design and coding, graphics and stock images starting from few dollars, and new tech features. You might also be charged for features that you don’t need at initial stage such as mobile device compatibility, Web2.0, HTML5, CMS, applications and animations. If having only an online presence, rather than running your business completely online, is your first priority then you don’t need to have these features in your business site.

Marketing and SEO
SEO is essential and it starts from the very beginning of a website design and we recommend that you choose it with your website design package. But you can save by spending on the marketing phase at a later time. Marketing is very important if you want to improve traffic and visits to your site. Many online stores highly value traffic because traffic means potential leads which can convert to customers. But most new businesses are more focused on their in-house work, and only want to reserve a seat on the web before they can shift their focus to online marketing.

Super Website Designs can stick to basics to give you low cost web design service to make your online presence. Before you ask for a quote, describe your business well, and sort out features that your business really needs to have a low cost quote and fast turnaround.

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